Christmas lights – Safety ideas

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Safety ideas on Christmas lights this festive season.

Have a greener Christmas

• Select energy-efficient models when buying your Christmas lights - LED (Light Emitting Diode) or solar Christmas lights to significantly reduce your impact on the environment and your bill.
• Use a timer so that your Christmas lights aren’t on all night.

Safety ideas

• Electrical safety - make it a priority.
• When setting up lights, secure them properly in case of wind and storms.
• Don’t use multiple double adaptors and don’t overcrowd power points. This may overload your electric circuits.
• Don’t position Christmas lights near flammable materials such as curtains and sofas.
• Lights are labelled for either indoor or outdoor use. Lights may also have an IP rating on the label, a higher IP rating is better for outdoor use.
• When buying Christmas lights ensure that they meet standards.
• Check that all globes are properly fitted and don’t use light sets that have missing globes.
• Don’t string Christmas lights or electrical leads on or near overhead powerlines including where the overhead powerlines connect to your house, swimming pool or ponds.
• Don’t run Christmas lights, electrical leads or extension cords on or near high traffic areas where someone could trip over.
• Keep power points and adaptors out of children’s reach and educate them about the importance of electrical safety.
• Be mindful of powerlines when carrying and setting up ladders including the point where the overhead powerlines connect to your house.
• Don’t forget to unplug the Christmas lights before you go to bed or leave the house.
• Don’t install or move Christmas lights while they are turned on.
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