The Legend Of Christmas Pickle – Where Did It Come From?

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There are many Christmas traditions followed around the world. Different cultures and countries have decorated the holiday in their own special way. There are many beautiful and timeless customs and beliefs associated with this one festival that is celebrated almost all over the planet. The Christmas Pickle happens to be one of the more interesting ones.
The roots of this tradition can be traced back to Germany where parents would decorate their Tannenbaums on Christmas Eve. The ornament that is hung last is die Weinachtsgurke – a delicate, intricate and beautiful glass ornament designed in the shape of a pickle. This is the all important Christmas Pickle. The significance of this ornament can never be overstated because it will be instrumental in starting the festivities. The custom is such that Christmas morning and the gift opening cannot begin unless the ornament is located by the children. The one who finds this elusive gherkin gets to open the first gift, and may even receive an extra treat for his or her effort. This is how the story is told here in America.
But you wouldn’t believe that any whereabouts of this tradition or this legend are simply unknown in Germany! Nobody knows how this tradition came to be and who started it! Of course, it is an accepted fact that the custom of decorating the Christmas Tree originated in this country. Lights, ornaments and tinsels are the most common decor used to adorn the tree. But the Christmas tradition of the pickle is believed to have originated somewhere in the heart of the Fatherland, presumably in a remote area. And the legend behind the tradition has been made popular in the US by Americans coming from German descent.
The mystery is simply unfathomable. But one thing is for certain. The Christmas pickle has become a timeless part of the American Christmas festivities. Children wait eagerly for the morning when they will get to open the gifts brought for them by Santa Claus. And the race to find this amazing, hidden treasure, tucked away in the decorations of the tree become a fun filled riot, bringing excitement and cheer to the festival. Not only does the competition unlock the gifts, allowing kids to explore the reward they got after an entire year of being good – yes.. Santa did reward them well. But there is that elusive special prize up for grabs as well which motivates the kids even further. And if the adults in the family chip into the frenzy, the enjoyment increases manifold.
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